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Illuminate (Trudy Levy)

Illuminate (Trudy Levy)

Trudy Levy

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Medium: Ceramic Art, Gem Stones, Manzanita, Beads, Leather
Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 5.25

“Illuminate” is a hand built accent light made from stamped ceramic slabs. It is decorated with carved out circles, side handles, and hand carved double circle designs symbolic of both unity and duality.

This accent light represents the human body. The side handles are bedecked with beads and stones as a woman adorns herself with jewels and cherished objects. As the light emanates through the round holes, it symbolizes the act of illumination.

Glazing begins with hand measuring and mixing my own glaze formulas. I use both disciplined precision as well as spontaneity to embellish my work.

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