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Alien Pink Blossom Sister to Alien White Blossom

Alien Pink Blossom Sister to Alien White Blossom

Robin Raznick

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Medium: Oil Paint, Desert Soil, Metallics, Paper on Canvas
Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 4

Roots, and incorporating earth into the canvas surface came about from my curiosity about soil health, its relationship to carbon emissions, and the key to healing the planet. I learned there are more organisms in two handfuls of soil than human beings that have ever lived, so I began digging up plants to see their survival systems. A cactus is an amazing thing with an almost alien, freakish beauty, defying common sense as they thrive in such a harsh climate. How do they flourish in such a dry environment as the desert, and how in the world do they birth such a miracle as a flower?

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